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Our hair is always on our head, we treat it and negatively affect the natural resistance of hair. Hence, our hair becomes worn out and damaged. Worn out hair becomes rough, dry, loses its shine, becomes thin and the ends split and break. LITERAM is a natural hair restoration treatment with a permanent effect. This therapy has been helping many users achieve stronger, healthier and protected hair since the year 2000. Let us introduce to you the LITERAM hair therapy and LITERAM therapeutic salons where we combine knowledge and health and not only make your hairstyle look perfect but also make your hair shine in all its beauty.

The LITERAM natural hair restoration treatment with permanent effect makes hair thick again from roots to ends. As a result, hair becomes stronger, thicker, more voluminous, smoother and easier to comb even without hair conditioning products that contain ingredients which encumber hair and open the hair surface. While the full length of hair is restored even the ends are recovered and might stop breaking already after the first therapy. Hair splitting might also partially or completely stop.

The wearing out process it is a natural process which cannot be prevented. The LITERAM hair restoration treatment eliminates the consequences of this process. Most clients expose hair to chemical and heat treatments (colouring, permanent straightening and permanent curling) which negatively affect hair quality. The LITERAM therapy makes your hair strong and healthy.

The LITERAM therapies will make your hair healthy, shiny, and easy to style again. Your hairstyle will become more persistent. LITERAM is a natural hair restoration treatment which is effective from the inside out. It is the only therapy in the market with permanent results. It is a revolutionary therapy which has been available since the year 2000. Many happy clients testify of its results. All those who followed the instructions for the LITERAM natural hair restoration treatment and properly cared for their hair at home will gladly confirm that their hair changed, it is stronger, healthier. Moreover, their awareness on haircare and hair changed.

The number of therapies necessary for a complete restoration of hair depends on hair structure, the condition of hair, the wishes of the client and other factors that the LITERAM therapist analyses in the framework of the first diagnosis. The success depends also our home haircare and on the products we use. The effect of the first therapy may vary based on the mentioned predispositions. In some cases, a huge difference is obvious. Hair becomes more resistant, full of volume and strong. It all depends on how hair accepts the added material. In the beginning of the hair restoration treatment, it is necessary to undergo at least 4 to 6 therapies every 3 to 4 weeks. Because hair becomes stronger and healthier after the LITERAM therapies, the wearing out process slows down. As a result of this you will not need to undergo the therapies that often in the future. Depending on the condition of your hair and hair treatments, a longer time interval is recommended between the therapies. In average it is recommended to undergo the LITERAM therapy every two and a half months depending on the quality of hair and the wishes of the client.

Home care of restored hair becomes much easier. In order to maintain healthy hair and a beautiful hairstyle, the clients usually need only a suitable shampoo and a haircare product.

The natural hair restoration LITERAM was invented by a Belgian inventor Eddy van Dyck.   He was a awarded a bronze medal at the World Innovation Fair EUREKA in Brussels in 1999. He scientifically proved the improvement of hair structure after the LITERAM procedure. It is the first time a procedure was invented which naturally restores hair through the application of special ingredients to hair, combing in and exposure to a special light. This way all the applied materials bind to hair and cannot be washed out.