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The most common wear and tear of our hair is caused by products for home care which are too aggressive and not suitable for our hair and scalp. Many people dream of having long, thick and shiny hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally thick and fast-growing hair. It largely depends on our genetics. However, we can influence the growth and condition or our hair with a proper haircare, nutrition and lifestyle. All these factors contribute to changes that take place in the scalp and negatively affect our hair structure. The LITE care-line for home care helps to maintain the natural hair resistance, consequently our hair looks prettier and requires less complicated styling. We highly recommend you carefully choose a suitable shampoo while this is a key factor in maintaining hair quality. The purposes of hair care which brings long-term results are appropriate cleansing (shampoos), protection and better look (haircare), persistent hairstyle (styling) and better conditions for hair growth (scalp care). The purpose of a shampoo is to optimally cleanse scalp with the help of nourishing ingredients and to establish favourable conditions for hair growth. We apply LITE keracare after washing to nourish hair and make it easier to comb. Taking into account the recommendations of your LITERAM therapist or consultant, your hair will become stronger, thicker and healthier, your hairstyle will be more persistent and your scalp will be less greasy.