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Why does our hair need care? Every day we expose our hair to external influences. We call this the wearing out process. We experience the consequences of this process as coarse hair, which is hard to comblacks shine, becomes dehydratedroughthin, ends split and break. On damaged and worn out hair colour is not persistent, curls are not well-defined, hair is greasy at the roots, ends are dehydrated and hairstyle is not persistent. Hair needs to be washed very frequently to achieve good styling. As we grow old the wearing out and hair damaging process accelerates due to the shortening of the anagen phase. Effective haircare can slow down the wearing out process and minimize its effects. Hair consequently maintains its quality. It looks nicer and is healthier. At the same time, the necessary care in a hairdressing salon and at home becomes a lot easier.

LITE care-line products for haircare after washing effectively protect hair from the damaging and wearing out process and maintain the quality and health of our hair. By choosing the correct combination of products, we achieve the following results:  Hair becomes more beautiful, our hairstyle becomes more persistent and we can wash our hair less frequently.

I need the product to achieve:

Lite keratin spray

The Lite Keratin spray has smoothing effect on hair, increases shine, provides hydration and protection. Contains keratin derivatives in combination with active components which increase hair flexibility and prevent hair breakage.

Lite keratin foam

A unique therapeutic foam adequately nurturing hair follicles and adding volume to hair. Ideal for application at the roots to strengthen hair. Not so suitable for ends.

Lite keratips repair

This product is suitable for dry, split and damaged ends. Fills the damaged fine parts of hair from the inside out, makes hair stronger, thicker and prevents breakage. Extends the lifespan of hair.

Lite keracare

Protects hair from the influence of weather conditions (chlorine, sun, wind, cold). Strengthens, smoothens and fills up. Protects from high temperature treatments. Hair becomes healthy and its density increases.

Lite keracare haircreme

Ends become full, smooth and flexible. The product protects hair, makes it thick and eliminates static. Maintains the natural quality of hair. Appropriate for dry and sticking out ends. Extends the lifespan of hair. Encourages faster hair growth.