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Would you like to have healthy and strong hair? Do you need an effective anti-dandruff shampoo? LITE care-line shampoos are high-quality100% effective shampoos for gentle and profound hair washing. Scalp friendly and suitable for different types of hair; thin or thick; normal, greasy or dry; coloured or natural and for different conditions of the scalp; dandruff or itchy scalp. The shampoos effectively cleanse all types of hair and scalp and maintain hair resistance as well as hair and scalp quality. When used correctly and in accordance to the recommendations of a LITERAM therapist/consultant, some of the shampoos may even improve the look of your hair. Your therapist or consultant shall recommend you a LITE care-line shampoo which is most appropriate for your hair structure and the actual hair condition. The shampoos contain herbal extracts which have calming effects, establish natural balance of the scalp and enable the best conditions for hair growth. Oftentimes, we face various scalp conditions. One of the most common is dandruff. Fungus and bacteria feed on dandruff causing itchy scalp. And not just that, fungus and bacteria also negatively affect hair growth or even accelerate hair loss. When washing your hair with LITE care-line shampoos, you will not get much foam, while the shampoos do not contain aggressive foamers which are harmful to the scalp and damage hair. For optimal cleansing of hair and the scalp we recommend you massage the shampoo to the scalp and leave it on for at least 3 minutes.

Lite HERBAL shampoo

Lite HERBAL shampoo

For dry and extremely dehydrated hair after harsh treatments. The caring ingredients additionally nourish and nurture damaged and dry hair making it smooth, softer and shinier.

Lite oil control shampoo

For normal greasy and greasy hair that is slippery and has little volume.
Prepares hair for styling that requires extra volume.

Lite vital shampoo foam

For thin hair and extremely greasy and sensitive scalp. The shampoo is manufactured based on soap and has beneficial effects on the scalp.

Lite extra gentle shampoo foam

The nourishing shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair having beneficial effect on the scalp. It is suitable for frequent hair washing. Recommended for delicate scalp and scalp with little hair. Does not irritate eyes.