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Which products are the best as the market is flooded with various styling products? Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to wake up with a perfect hairstyle every morning. Women just cannot imagine life without a styling spray to form their hairstyle. Surely most of us realize that some products suit hair perfectly while other products do more harm than good. LITE care-line products are the fruit of many years of hard work of professionals in Belgian laboratories. Their concern for hair quality resulted in creating styling products and products for hairstyle persistence which maintain hair quality as well as fulfil their primary styling function.

I need the product to achieve:

Lite ker*up styling

Enables styling and firmness, adds extra volume, fills hair up with hair building material, nurtures hair. Help to achieve persistence and durability of hairstyle. Enables healthy look of hair.

Lite extra strong styling foam

The innovative formula greatly improves the hold of all hair types even the most greasy, heaviest hair and unstable hairstyles. Keeps hair clean.

Lite styling strong spray

This is a strong styling product to shape and hold hairstyles. It is manufactured according to a special formula which enables natural hold of even the finest hair.  Mostly apply to dry hair.

Lite styling extra strong spray

This product is a very strong spray for final styling of hair that requires very strong hold and fixation. Does not make hair sticky and unclean. It is easy to wash out and as a result contributes to maintaining long term quality of hair.

Lite styling natural spray

Fixation spray, gel spray. Hair spray which can be used for numerous purposes and has various methods of use. Extends persistence and fixation of blow dry hairstyles. It is possible to apply the product to wet or dry hair.

Lite styling foam

Just the right level of hold and fixation also for thinner, softer or normal hair. Various purposes of use. Apply to wet hair before styling blow dry hairstyles or curling. Use for styling of shorter hair instead of a hair gel. Does not make hair sticky or greasy.