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  • The LITERAM therapy has helped women who experience problems with split ends, hair breaking and who are not able to comb their hair without the use various of moisturizers, masks and conditioners. At the same time, the LITERAM therapists help men and women with initial signs of hair loss. The therapy is suitable for people with hair that grows only to a certain length because it is very thin and breaks off. The LITERAM therapy completely restores hair that is rough to the touch and lacks shine or becomes frayed after just a few dyeing procedures. Moreover, the therapy helps when your styling does not last very long after washing. For example, when hair becomes very greasy already two days after washing and requires to be washed every two days. The therapy fits also when hair is very fine and thin as a result of a disease or diet and does not look as healthy as before. In the autumn, the therapy helps women with dehydrated and breaking hair caused by a seaside holiday. The effects of the natural restoration treatment are PERMANENT!

    The LITERAM therapy has a prevention effect as well. It protects hair from negative external influences and chemical treatments such as the see, the sun, hair dyeing or bleaching, getting a perm etc. Therefore, we recommend it also to individuals with hair that is not yet significantly damaged. It is possible to dye, bleach or perm hair immediately after the LITERAM therapy.

    The LITERAM therapy helps eliminate the most common hair problems.


Due to genetic or medical reasons, hair becomes thinner over time. In both cases the main reason is the occurrence of hormonal imbalance. The conventional hair cosmetics is not capable of solving these kinds of problems. In the past, thin hair was irreparable. Nowadays, the innovative LITERAM therapy can thicken and strengthen your hair.



Damaged hair lacks shine, styling becomes very difficult and hair tends to break quickly. Hair gets frayed, dry and breaks off as air penetrates the hair shaft. LITERAM restores hair immediately and prevents further thinning and splitting.


Coarse, rough and untameable hair is the result of excessive use of shampoos that are too aggressive, products containing ingredients that weigh hair down, “open” (raise) the cuticle scales and other chemical treatments. The latter damage the inner layers of hair and cause the cuticle scales to open. The condition worsens with excessive hair washing. The LITERAM therapy cleanses, restores and fills hair up. After the therapy, hair becomes easy to comb without the use of products containing ingredients that encumber hair, open the cuticle scales and make hair soft and silky to the touch.


Dry hair is coarse to the touch, which is the result of raising cuticle scales, leaving hair “open”. The left picture shows damaged hair, the picture on the right shows restored hair after the LITERAM therapy. The revolutionary LITERAM natural hair restoration therapy and home care products for damaged hair fill hair up and close the cuticle scales. After the therapy, hair becomes strong and shiny.


Greasy hair is the result of excessive action of sebaceous glands which can be caused by a particular lifestyle or using wrong hair care products. A very common occurrence is when hair gets greasy close to the scalp while ends are dehydrated and split. The LITERAM hair therapy decreases or removes hair porosity. After a certain time, the sebaceous glands start to function normally. Hair becomes more compact, firm and smooth. Oftentimes, it is enough to change products for home care and the intervals between hair washes lengthen for a day of two.


ALOPECIA or baldness is a temporary, permanent or semi-permanent condition. The most common reasons for baldness or hair loss are the following: genetics, anaemia, hormonal imbalance, improper thyroid function, polycystic ovaries, sudden shock, stress, imbalanced nutrition, chemotherapy, trichotillomania etc.

The appropriate serum iron level (the total iron-binding capacity, TIBC), transferring saturation and ferritin level in the organism are crucial for hair formation. We recommend a diet rich in iron and containing a balanced level of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. To maintain good quality of hair in the long run, it is necessary to correctly nourish the hair shaft and keep the scalp healthy so that all the biological and chemical procedures necessary for hair formation function properly. The LITERAM therapists recommend the use of LITERAM shampoos and serums for better hair growth. LITE care-line serums stimulate hair follicles. They encourage the functioning of active component receptors which enables the protein synthesis and consequently the formation of hair and better hair growth. The anagen hair growth phase is extended and hair may start growing also on areas, where the follicles were inactive and hair loss occurred. The first effects of the LHRS serum are evident in the first three months, the prescribed application strengthens the effect. In the case of excessive hair loss, sudden thinning of hair shaft or when hair cannot grow as long as before, we recommend checking the function of the thyroid, getting a blood test to identify iron indicators. The best and the fastest results are achieved when we undergo a LITERAM therapy at the same time. 

Unlike female hair loss problems, male hair loss problems are often caused by the genetics. We must not underestimate the genetic factor when treating hair loss. Despite this factor we have been able to significantly postpone hair loss for some time.

Nowadays, we tend to use many aggressive cosmetic products which cause earlier hair loss to people with sensitive hair follicles. Even when hair loss starts to occur, we may find a solution while hair follicles do not die off immediately, first they become dormant for some time. With a right care we can encourage them to produce new hair once again. It is important that we approach hair loss problems in a complex way and from a long-term perspective while results cannot be achieved in a month.

The most common reasons for hair loss problems:

  • Anaemia
  • Lack of ferritin (which stores iron in the organism). If ferritin decreases under the level of 30 micrograms per litre, hair loss begins to occur. The recommended level of ferritin is between 80 – 100 mg/l.
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Medications (especially cancer treatment).
  • Nutrition Complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes) are necessary for successful hair growth.
  • Changes in body weight
  • After pregnancy

In order to achieve healthy hair, some important facts need to be considered.

  1. During formation hair is still “alive”.
  2. Each follicle and hair bulb in the scalp where hair is being formed is connected to the system of nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

Nutrients get to the living cells in the follicles through the capillaries. In this process, the nutrients turn into keratinized protein moving along the follicle as hair is being formed out of it.  Nutrients that get to the follicle come from the persons diet, hence our nutrition is so important for the development and growth of hair.  Sometimes, poor nutrition itself can cause hair loss. Nevertheless, we need to be aware that healthy diet includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

And while the cells in our scalp are so active, they are at the same time very sensitive to all changes that take place in the body. If the general health of a person is good and the individual is in great shape hair will be healthier as well. At the same time, if there is a problem or imbalance in the organism, hair might be consequently in worse condition. Hence, we need to consider the health status and the general condition of the organism when considering hair quality.

Persons who have long term hair problems often say they have had their blood examined and they do not suffer iron deficiency. Regarding this we need to be aware that the medics may have examined only the concentration of iron and not of ferritin. And even if they had checked for ferritin, the level may have been sufficient for the normal functioning of the organism (the minimal level is 10 mg/l) which, however, is still not enough for optimal hair growth. A person with low ferritin concentration may not be anaemic. If ferritin concentration is on the lower limit it surely negatively affects hair growth while the anagen phase is cut short. Hair loss caused by insufficient concentration of ferritin is the most common reason for female hair loss problems. Yet, it is rarely the reason for male hair loss problems. The most vulnerable group are women who still have menstruation because they are exposed to the decrease of the amount of stored iron. Persons with these kinds of problems often suffer from hair loss in larger quantities than usual (50 to 100 hairs per day).