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LITERAM is a natural hair restoration treatment with a permanent effect. The therapy helps you achieve a healthy condition of hair which will not get washed away.  The LITERAM hair therapy is a treatment performed by professional hairdressers or LITERAM therapists with the purpose of renewing your hair from the inside out. It is a unique hair restoration concept which turns numerous theories and practices on effective haircare upside down. The LITERAM hair therapy enables a natural and complete restoration of hair. Damaged, thin, dry, rough, brittle, greasy or dehydrated hair is renewed from the inside out and becomes thicker, stronger, smoother, shinier and naturally beautiful.

During the hair treatment procedure, the applied material bonds with hair with the aid of a special light. This way a brand-new hair structure is created.  Hair becomes thicker, denser and fuller. The process of wearing out slows down and we spend much less time caring for our hair. The frequency of hair-washing is reduced, improved scalp conditions enable faster hair growth, hair greasiness normalizes. People with curly hair get once again natural and flexible curls. Become a proud owner of your hair.

However, one treatment cannot remove all the damages that occurred during the years, so the effect of the first therapy is only partial. Excellent results and complete restoration of hair requires several treatments. In the beginning of the hair restoration treatment it is necessary to undergo at least 4 to 6 therapies one round of therapy every 3 to 4 weeks. The starting point is always the structure and condition of hair as well as the desired results. The optimal period of therapy application is determined based on a previous consultation with a LITERAM therapist.

Causes of hair and scalp damage – the aggressors: These are mostly shampoos (with excessive foaming effect) which make naturally strong hair extremely soft and less resistant with poor longevity. An important factor is also our approach to caring for our hair.

We advise you not to roughly rub your hair during washing, not to use a hair iron (which damages the cuticle) neither a hair dryer at a temperature that is too hot (and never hold it very close to hair). Do not comb and brush your hair too roughly neither do back comb it. Salt water and swimming in pools causes air-filled spaces damaging the cuticle. The UV rays and the sun cause oxidation and melting of hair protein.  Chemical treatments such as dyeing, bleaching, permanent straightening and permanent curling modify hair texture, deteriorate hair quality and remove material from the structure of hair.

LITERAM concept of haircare does not include products containing ingredients which would encumber hair or open hair structure. These ingredients remove the protective layer and make hair less resistant.

For a complete reconstruction of hair, we recommend beside the LITERAM hair therapy also the use of LITE care-line home care products. LITE care-line shampoos do not contain parabens and sulphates.

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