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Zvezdana Mlakar

What I like the most about LITERAM is that I do not have to spend much time doing my hair… I use a LITERAM shampoo and that is all. I do not need any hair conditioner. Sometimes I use the LITERAM foam to add some volume to my hair and during summer when I go to the beach, I apply some Lite Keratin to protect my hair from sun damage and salt water. In the past I used to return from the seaside holidays with completely damaged, dehydrated and shaggy hair. I no longer have these problems! It does not matter if your hair is long or short. In November 2011, Ms. Klaudia phoned me and said: “I know you like to experiment with new things, would you like to try LITERAM?” I remember I sat there at the therapy for almost three hours. I was nervous and thought this thing is not for me! But I learned more and Ms. Klaudija Piskar impressed me with her knowledge and passion. I saw she really cares about the quality of hair, I learned many interesting facts about hair from its composition to things that destroy hair the most etc. After several therapies my hair became rough, stronger and thicker but not as shiny as in the TV advertisements!? Ms. Klaudia asked me: “How is natural hair supposed to look like?” During each therapy I learned something new about hair. I got used to hair being different to touch and my hairstyle was becoming richer and more voluminous. In short, today my hair is healthy, long and thick. It is as shiny as it should be. Mother nature knows the best! After three therapies I was starting to believe. Today I do not have to believe, I can see and feel the results!