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The LITERAM therapy thickens ends and makes your hair strong and healthy. LITERAM is a special light-dependent reaction of amino acids. This process changes the chemical structure of hair.  Hair is made of keratin, lipids and water. The process of wearing out causes these components to unevenly disappear which we experience as greasy scalp and dull hair which is hard to comb and has no volume and no shine.

The reconstructed hair structure after the LITERAM therapy provides the following results:

  • Hair is thicker and looks denser,
  • no more problems with tangling,
  • greater resistance, the wearing out process slows down,
  • hairstyles last longer,
  • hair is stronger,
  • hair can grow longer,
  • increased hair volume,
  • hair is denser and looks fuller,
  • less time needed for haircare due to greater resistance,
  • hair requires less frequent washing,
  • enabling better conditions for hair growth,
  • hair and scalp become less greasy,
  • natural curls are restored,
  • preventive protection from external influences and chemical treatments,
  • naturally thicker and stronger hair, dry and rough hair becomes smooth, vibrant, flexible and adaptable to the touch.

Healthy hair should not be silky. It may be shiny but most of all, it should be strongfirm and smooth. We should wash our hair less often. I order to achieve a persistent hairstyle, many clients wash their hair every two to three days of even more often.

The LITERAM therapy is based on the use of a special light and represents a procedure of natural hair restoration with a permanent effect. Hair maintains the new quality even after further washing.

The therapy has a prevention effect as well. It protects hair from negative external influences and chemical treatments such as the see, the sun, hair dyeing or bleaching, getting a perm etc.

We recommend the LITERAM therapy also to those who do not have a damaged hair yet. It is possible to dye, bleach or perm hair immediately after the therapy.

On the left, you can see damaged hair. On the right side, you can see restored hair after the LITERAM therapy.

Na levi je poškodovan las, na desni pa zdrav las po terapiji LITERAM.

The picture on the left shows hair before the therapy.

Lasje na levi, pred terapijo, in na desni, po LITERAM terapiji.

On the right side, you can see what it looks like after the LITERAM therapy.






Unlike female hair loss problems, male hair loss is often caused by the genetics. In hair loss prevention we must not underestimate the genetic factor. However, the LITERAM therapy enable to successfully postpone hair loss for some time.

Nowadays, we tend to use many aggressive cosmetic products which cause earlier hair loss to people with sensitive hair follicles. Even when hair loss starts to occur, we may find a solution while hair follicles do not die off immediately but first become dormant for some time. Correct care and suitable hair cosmetics can awaken dormant hair follicles to once again start producing hair. It is important that we approach hair loss problems in a complex way and from a long-term perspective because results cannot be achieved in a month. In recent years, we increasingly observe the phenomenon of alopecia, which is female hair loss. Why alopecia affects women? You can find the answer to this question in our blog post.

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The LITERAM therapy will be less effective if you do not support it by using LITERAM haircare products.


Minor changes in improving the quality of your hair can be achieved solely by a consistent use of LITERAM haircare products. These products are hair and scalp friendly due to a unique combination of ingredients which positively affect hair growth in the long term.

If you want to see the successful results of LITERAM therapy for yourself, visit our FACEBOOK ALBUM where the effects of the therapy in various time intervals and by different LITERAM therapists are shown.