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In 20 years of practice with LITERAM, we helped a large number of people to get the hair they have always wanted.

My name is Klaudija Piskar and I am the owner of the LITERAM brand, Pharmacist, AIT Trichologconsultant, LITERAM therapist, Hairdresser and Beautician…
I come from a family of hairdressers, 60 years ago my father Franci opened his first salon in the Slovenian town of Domžale, where he was soon joined by my mother Joža, who helps me in my salon and business up to this day. My father unfortunately passed away four years ago. When I was looking for the right direction in life, he importantly influenced some of my decisions. When I was still a child, both my parents encouraged me and helped me to learn the hairdressing profession, later, when I had to choose a high school, my father told me: “Choose pharmacy, it will give you a better foundation for the future.” So, I did. Later, I finished hairdressing and cosmetology school and finally graduated from the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana. And because my father was always interested in things related to the health of hair and scalp and ways to help
people get better hair, he was very interested in LITERAM, which was first introduced to him 20 years ago. At that time, he was one of the first hairdressers in Slovenia who introduced this new service to their salon, and despite the fact that he was already retired, such things always motivated him. The results of LITERAM convinced me to return to the salon, where I saw an opportunity for my personal growth and the development of a family business.

10 years ago, I made the decision and grabbed the opportunity to make a step forward and share my knowledge about this service with other hairdressers. I got connected with the innovator of this process, Mr. Eddy van Dyck, a chemist from Belgium, who later passed on to me a lot of general knowledge about hair, materials and processes we use in the hairdressing profession and supported me in my development.
On the other hand, I was able to give him practical experience with the LITERAM process, over time various needs began to emerge and so we started to develop new products together, all this with the aim of improving the quality of hair, so that people could get better hair at home in a healthy and simple way. This is how the LITERAM CARE LINE was created – for simple home care and healthy hair. The longer we worked on LITERAM, the more people with various hair and scalp problems were coming to us, which again encouraged me to conduct research of all the different scalp conditions.

The LITERAM therapy is special while it enables permanent solving of various common hair problems, such as sensitive hair, which is over-treated, splitting and will not grow to the desired
lengths due to breaking, hair that is coarse and cannot be combed without the use of lipids, thin and delicate hair or thick, coarse and protruding hair, greasy hair that is difficult to style and hairstyles which are unstable. For me, it is special also because it enabled me to come into contact with people with real and more severe hair and scalp problems such as acute or chronic hair loss in connection with various altered skin conditions such as inflammations and flaking. All of this encouraged me to conduct research and study everything that exists to help people get more beautiful hair. The follicles and hair cells are the second fastest to split and therefore also very sensitive to physiological processes in the body. On the other hand, they are a non-vital part of our body, so if the body lacks certain nutrients, the follicles will be among the first to be deprived, which will be seen first of all on the quality of hair and the scalp function as well as increased hair loss. I see that the most common problem with hair is lack of knowledge regarding things that affect it. Problems are more common because hair shaft is inanimate, so it does not hurt us when we cut it, on the other hand we also do not feel when we apply damaging ingredients on hair which may cause even more serious problems. Recently, I have seen many cases of abusing the term natural cosmetics and generalizing it, placing unjustified emphasis without proper explanations and bases, and finding ad hock solutions that really do not exist because hair is too dependent on our health, lifestyle, and everything else it is exposed to. We often damage our hair even more, because we believe that we are using natural and safe product and become less careful. I was impressed when a chemistry professor told us that hairdressers are not aware that improper treatment can ruin a few years of a client’s life. On average, hair grows for about 1 cm per month, that is 12 cm per year. If a client with 20-30 cm long hair undergoes an improper treatment and their hair becomes damaged, they have to wait another 2–3 years to get healthy hair again. Even people who treat their hair at home using chemical processes such as colouring often make the same mistake as they lack proper knowledge. People are not aware that one incorrect or too aggressive chemical treatment can permanently destroy the follicles, which may permanently stop producing hair which results in baldness, this way a person can permanently loose their hair.

With the help of the LITERAM THERAPY, many of these injuries can be restored, although some serious conditions may not be completely healed or need more time. We can say that in 20 years of practice with LITERAM, we helped a large number of people to get the hair they have always wanted.