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Is it advisable to leave hair lose during the night?

Domov Is it advisable to leave hair lose during the night? Morning is the time when we struggle with our hair the most. We are often in a hurry and ...
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Domov TOP TEEN Over 200 young ladies participated in the Top Teen competition. 12 finalists presented themselves in Supernova in Ljubljana Rudnik last weekend. The jury members were the representative ...
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Are you struggling with dandruff?

A very common problem especially during winter due to dry air in interior spaces. Dandruff often affects men and women, the reasons for its occurrence may vary. The increased greasiness ...
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A revolutionary method of natural hair restoration with a permanent effect

100% guarantee Our hair is always on our head, we care for it and treat is. Hence, our hair becomes worn out and damaged. Worn out hair becomes rough, dry, ...
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How to maintain healthy hair by using a suitable hairbrush?

If we want to maintain beautiful hair and achieve persistent hairstyle, it is important to use a suitable hairbrush as we blow dry our hair. The LITERAM therapists mostly use ...
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Do hair conditioners really nourish our hair? The opposite is the truth…

As hair grows out of the scalp, we first see the hair shaft. A formed hair is composed of three main components: the scales, cortex and medulla. The main component ...
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