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Zvezdana Mlakar

What I like the most about LITERAM is that I do not have to spend much time doing my hair… I use a LITERAM shampoo and that is all. I do not need any hair conditioner. Sometimes I use the LITERAM foam to add some volume to my hair and during summer

Sara Gavranič, miss Earth 2017

LITERAM was a solution for my hair. Long hair requires special care and as the market is flooded with various products, it is difficult to choose quality products that provide the exact care your hair needs.

Katarina Vukelič

My dream has always been to have long blond hair. As a girl, I used to have long hair. Latter my hair was cut while my mother was convinced that my hair is not strong enough.

Teja Mahkovic

I am 31 years old and this is my sixth year of LITERAM therapies. My experience is truly positive, I am very happy with the results. Before I was not able to have longer hair than shoulder length while my ends were split, dry and breaking.

Helena Berden

My hair was completely dehydrated, extremely thin and my hairstyle had absolutely no volume. At the scalp my hair was greasy and I had to wash it very often.


Before Zvezdana Mlakar introduced to me the LITERAM therapy, I had almost given up and accepted the fact, that my hair would always have to be tied back or enriched with accessories.

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