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Do you wish to upgrade your knowledge on hair structure, hair and scalp health issues and treatment?

In our company we feel a responsibility towards the environment and healthy hair of our clients. This is reflected in our values and our slogan: “Health for beauty.” The key values of our business are:

  • Permanent effect
  • Natural hair restoration
  • Client satisfaction
  • Individual and holistic approach
  • Environment friendly

You will be able to offer the knowledge you receive at the training for a LITERAM therapist to the clients of your salon as a special and unique service. And you will be capable of helping your clients to achieve healthy, higher-quality hair that looks more beautiful.

The training is suitable for hairdressers who put health of hair and scalp at the first place.

The LITERAM technology and proper home care can help eliminate various hair and scalp issues such as:

  • Damaged hair;
  • poor hair growth;
  • hair that grows only to a certain length due to breaking off or falling out;
  • excessive hair loss, hair thinning and falling out;
  • extremely greasy or dry hair;
  • instability of hairstyle etc.

Your clients can benefit the LITERAM procedure, products and knowledge you obtain at the training. You can teach them how to handle hair at home to maintain good quality in the long run, how to make hair grow faster and look beautiful even as they get older and last but not least, how caring for hair can take less time and cost less money.

For any additional information on becoming a LITERAM therapist, contact us at the following e-mail address: or call as at +386 (0)31 773 319 for arranging a practical presentation and discussing the commercial conditions.