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Alenka Birk

My hair was under stress for some time (several years). My hair was thin, brittle, grew only to a certain length etc. Mostly it was my fault as my pace of life was very fast. The hormonal imbalance caused by the birth of my second child only worsened the problem. The LITERAM hair therapy has been keeping my hair in great shape for quite some time – my hair is healthy, shiny and adaptable, hairstyles last much longer. The therapy is a procedure of natural hair restoration where amino acids (the main components of keratin) are applied to hair. With the help of a special light, the ingredients bind into hair making it homogeneous and compact as well as smooth, strong, thick, shiny and easy to comb without the use of conditioners and other products. In order to achieve optimal results, the therapy must be repeated. It is necessary to sacrifice some time and money to achieve beautiful hair. Most of all healthy diet should be maintained and stress should be avoided. Congratulations to the inventor Eddy van Dyck who was awarded a bronze medal at the World Innovation Fair EUREKA in Brussels in 1999.