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Lucija Gubenšek

I have worked as a model in Slovenia and abroad for many years. I became even more popular because of my natural long hair without hair extensions. I paid much attention to correct haircare especially as my hair was exposed to aggressive treatments for the purposes of fashion shows and recordings. Two years ago, something very unpleasant happened. A colour rinse was applied on my hair for the purpose of a certain campaign but the reaction on my hair was far too strong. To reduce the effect, I had to lighten my hair over the entire length. This completely damaged my hair. And while I was not prepared to give up on my hair, as it is my iconic symbol, I kept testing all kinds of products and therapies for one year to prevent having my hair cut. Nothing really helped and I had to have my hair tied back for over one year. Then I accidentally heard about the LITERAM therapy which literally saved my hair. I cannot believe that after only three therapies the quality of my hair visibly improved. My hair became stronger already after the first therapy. Later I realized that the LITERAM therapy does not improve the quality of hair only temporarily like all the other procedures. My hair is truly becoming thicker, visibly healthier and brighter. Time and time again, I am surprised at how healthy my hair becomes after each LITERAM therapy. I am sure that my hair would not be this long if it were not for the LITERAM therapy. My hair is in much better condition now and I cannot wait for the next therapies because I know that my hair will become as it was before the accident at the recording and even more beautiful. As a model I am constantly in touch with cosmetic products and novelties in this branch. Yet, I can honestly tell you that only rare products and procedures are as effective as LITERAM. Personally, I am convinced about the effectiveness of LITERAM. I stand behind this with who I am and my hair is the evidence.