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How to maintain healthy hair by using a suitable hairbrush?

How to maintain healthy hair by using a suitable hairbrush?

If we want to maintain beautiful hair and achieve persistent hairstyle, it is important to use a suitable hairbrush as we blow dry our hair. The LITERAM therapists mostly use hairbrushes manufactured from natural bristles which are especially soft and appropriate even for the thinnest and most sensitive hair. Of course, we must not forget that the way we treat hair with the brush matters too as well as the temperature of the hair dryer and the distance from which we blow dry our hair. If you consider these recommendations, your hair will be grateful and remain beautiful and healthy. Your hairstyle will remain persistent. For more information contact your LITERAM therapist. Start combing in the lower part of hair not close to the scalp. Use quality hairbrushes to keep your hair healthy. Use a comb with wide teeth for combing wet hair and a hairbrush for brushing dry hair. Your hairbrush should be made of natural pig-hair bristles, which are the most suitable for keeping hair in top form and preventing damage during combing.

Handmade brushes made of the best materials have a long life-time even when used daily or for professional purposes in a hairdressing salon.

The brushes may be used for hair straightening and combing as well as blow dry styling.  Suitable for all hair types, do not irritate the scalp, increase hair volume and shorten the drying time. Such brushes do not tear hair, which is of great importance for the health of hair.

Professionals recommend the use of bushes with natural bristles due to materials similar to hair. Both, human hair and pig-hair is made of keratin.  The natural bristles cause less friction and are hair friendly. Moreover, natural brushes distribute hair grease along the entire hair to naturally moisturise hair and make it shinier. If we use an inappropriate comb or brush, hair might start breaking, fractions occur as well as static and even dandruff. See the nearest LITERAM therapist to check if you are using the most suitable brush.

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