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A revolutionary method of natural hair restoration with a permanent effect

A revolutionary method of natural hair restoration with a permanent effect

100% guarantee

Our hair is always on our head, we care for it and treat is. Hence, our hair becomes worn out and damaged. Worn out hair becomes rough, dry, loses its shine, becomes thin and the ends split and break. The LITERAM therapy makes hair thick again from roots to ends. As a result, hair becomes stronger, thicker, more voluminous, smoother and easier to comb even without hair conditioning products. While the full length of hair is restored, even the ends are recovered and might stop breaking already after the first therapy. Hair splitting might also partially or completely stop. Wearing out is a natural process which cannot be prevented. The LITERAM therapy eliminates the consequences of this process. Most clients continue to undergo chemical treatments of hair which negatively affect hair quality. The LITERAM therapy helps them to maintain very strong and healthy hair in spite of this. The treatment changes the structure of hair. During the procedure of applying material and combing, the added substances bind to empty bonds in hair where damage occurs. At the end of the procedure a special light transforms the added substances to become a solid part of hair. This is the reason why the effect of the LITERAM therapy is permanent and does not wash out. During the therapy, new components are added to hair. That is why we call the LITERAM therapy a natural hair restoration with permanent effect. The natural hair restoration treatment returns to hair their natural healthy structure. The 100% guarantee of success of the natural restoration of hair applies only if instructions of a certified LITERAM therapists on the therapies and their frequency as well as proper haircare for maintaining quality.

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Individual holistic approach

The therapist diagnoses the condition of hair and scalp of every client, sets the hair potential and assesses the natural structure of hair as well as considers past treatments. The therapist also gives recommendations on proper home care. The treatments are continuously being adapted to changes that take place in the hair structure. The LITERAM procedure for shoulder length hair of average thickness and average damage takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. The following steps need to be taken:

  • Hair cleansing
  • Hair filling
  • Hair drying
  • Illumination with a special LITERAM light
  • Hair cleansing

The LITERAM therapy depends on the length, thickness, density and damage of hair. The LITERAM therapist performs a FREE CONSULTATION and EXAMINATION to assess the condition of hair and scalp, discusses the goals of the client on how quickly the restoration process should take. If the therapist evaluates that the client needs further treatment, he might send him/her away to an expert specialist.

Permanent professional supervision

The hair structure of every client improves after the first therapy. However, the progression of effects always depends on the quality of hair and condition of hair before the LITERAM therapies. For averagely damaged hair usually 4 to 6 therapies are necessary. If a client has extremely thin and damaged hair and wishes to achieve fast results, we recommend the application of the first 4 therapies every 3 weeks.  This is the optimal time for the applied substances to layer on hair. If the time between the therapies is longer, the upgrading is not as fast due to the wearing out process. After the initial therapies, additional therapies are performed every 2 to 4 months or when necessary. It all depends on the analysis of hair and scalp and the wishes of the client. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to correct home haircare. Without the support of home haircare products, the effect of the therapy will not be as visible and significant as the client may wish.

In order to achieve healthy, thick, full, smooth, shiny and restored hair, strong from roots to end, it is necessary to undergo at least 4 to 6 LITERAM therapies in a period prescribed by a LITERAM therapist.

Outgrow unhealthy hair and arrange a FREE CONSULTATION and EXAMINATION by the nearest LITERAM therapist.

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