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Are you struggling with dandruff?

Are you struggling with dandruff?

A very common problem especially during winter due to dry air in interior spaces. Dandruff often affects men and women, the reasons for its occurrence may vary.

The increased greasiness of scalp and seborrhea occurs when small pieces of dead skin remain on scalp and in hair. This condition is the result of incorrect functioning of sebaceous glands which either produce too much or too little grease. Dandruff is a skin condition which is difficult to hide. It affects around 50 percent of adult population around the world.

Have you been exposed to stress lately? Stress reflects in the condition of our skin and scalp.

Does your nutrition contain enough necessary nutrients?

Have you changed a shampoo lately or started to use a new hair care product? Try using an anti-dandruff shampoo. Use less shampoo and wash your hair with lukewarm instead of hot water. Do not scratch scalp, avoid using hairstyling and haircare product which contain alcohol and aggressively affect the scalp.

We often use the aggressive products due to lack of information. Here are some practical recommendations to help you improve the conditions of your scalp apart from using a high-quality shampoo which is the basis for correct hair follicle function.

In order to get to the bottom of the problem, a correct and regular nutrition is necessary. We recommend you avoid food rich in sugar.

Dandruff is often caused by a fungal inflammation. Sugar accelerates fungal growth. It is therefore recommended to avoid sweets and fruit rich in sugar. Eat as much raw vegetables as possible and avoid food containing yeast and alcohol.

You might take a quality dietary supplement such as B-complex rich in important vitamins that maintain a healthy skin, hair and nervous system. Dehydration also shows in poor skin look and dandruff. Drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea, avoid caffeine which might worsen the condition.

The LITERAM therapists are trained to take an integral approach to hair and scalp. Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

You can arrange a visit of a LITERAM therapist who will perform an analysis of your hair and scalp condition.

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