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Teja Mahkovic

I am 31 years old and this is my sixth year of LITERAM therapies. My experience is truly positive, I am very happy with the results. Before I was not able to have longer hair than shoulder length while my ends were split, dry and breaking. But the correct care presented to me by Ms. Klaudija Piskar made my hair thicker, denser and naturally wavy again. The present length of my hair is mid back, which was not possible before due to severe damage. My hair used to have the texture of “straw”. I must admit that it took some time before the results of the therapy became visible. Even after several therapies the difference was not very significant. But as I accidentally met my former hairdresser on the street, he immediately noticed the difference. This encouraged me to continue with the therapies. I regularly undergo the LITERAM therapy, approximately every 3 months and I use only LITERAM products at home. The difference is obvious – the pictures prove it.