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Is it advisable to leave hair lose during the night?

Is it advisable to leave hair lose during the night?

Morning is the time when we struggle with our hair the most. We are often in a hurry and have no time for additional styling. To make morning struggle with hair a little easier, read the following recommendations.

Friction between hair and the pillow results in damage and wear out of hair. This affects the ends which start to split and break. Hair becomes messy and hairstyle persistence worsens.

You have probably asked yourself, why it is so when you try to do everything right. The LITERAM therapists recommend you tie your hair in a bun placed upon the crown area of your head. Your hair and hairstyles will not suffer during night time. Wearing out, tangling and damage will be prevented. You tie your hair very gently so the bun will not disturb you while you sleep. Treat your hair with gentleness, slightly tie it up with a satin headband or a coated band.

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Frayed hair in the morning is probably one of the most annoying things. To prevent dehydration, we recommend the use of LITE care-line NATURAL KERATIN spray which additionally protects ends making them smooth in the morning. Apply to the entire length. If you do so, your hairstyle will be smooth after you lose the bun in the morning. Apply the spray and leave on during the night, do not wash out.

Never go to sleep with wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair does not benefit anyone. Instead, it harms the quality of the scalp. Due to moist, fungus develops causing additional problems – dandruff, itchy scalp etc.

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