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LITE STYLING – extra strong foam

LITE STYLING – extra strong foam

Količina: 150 ml

The innovative formula greatly improves the hold of all hair types even the most greasy, heaviest hair and unstable hairstyles. Keeps hair clean.


Aqua, Propane-Butane, PVM/MA Copolymer, Ceteareth-25, Quaternium-80, Parfum, Ammonia,  Benzalkonium Chloride, Citral, Linalool, d-Limonene, Citral, Geraniol, Eugenol


The innovative formula strongly extends the hairdo durability with all hair types, including the thickest, greasy or heavy ones, when hairstyle usually lasts less than a day. Hair remains clean after use. With thinner hair, the application should be even and smaller amounts should be applied to achieve a correct balance. In case of excessive effect, you can mix the LITE EXTRA STRONG STYLING FOAM with the LITE KERATIN foam or the LITE STYLING LIGHT foam in your palm, thus adjusting the intensity of the effect needed for your hair.

LITE EXTRA STRONG STYLING FOAM is also effective for styling and strong durability of men’s hairstyles with curls. The unique advantage of the LITE EXTRA STRONG STYLING FOAM is in its use as a cleansing foam – a dry shampoo. When used as a dry shampoo, apply the product at the roots of dry hair, wherever it is greasy. Massage in, comb your hair a little and then dry the place of application with your hair-dryer. Your hair will look clean and your hairstyle will gain volume. The quantity and the number of the required applications depends on how greasy your hair is.


Use different amounts of the foam and apply to wet/moist hair depending on the type of your hair. Comb your hair thoroughly and make sure that hair does not become dry before you finish your styling. It this happens you moisten your hair once again an apply some more foam.


Fine and thick hair when our hairstyle is not durable.

Dry and greasy hair when our hairstyle has poor durability and hair becomes greasy too soon.


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