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Metka Bregar

Thanks to the LITERAM cosmetics and therapies I am finally happy with my hair. My hair is very curly and thick, my bathroom had always been full of shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, oils, cream and all the products that I hoped would help me tame my hair. However, I would end up wearing a ponytail anyway. My hair length was a little below shoulder length, but my hair would shrink and appear as ear length. Regardless if I cut my hair or not, it would never appear to be long. My hair was dehydrated, curls were breaking apart and tangling, my hair was shaggy and frayed. Sometimes I tried to straighten it with the application of product at the hairdresser which was often unsuccessful. Ironing somehow worked. But then this was not the real me.LITERAM has been my solution for the last three years. Already after the first therapy my hair became more beautiful. The length of my hair is mid back, curls are beautiful, long, flowing. My hair looks healthy and pretty. It is restored from damage caused by the chemicals and alive again. Finally, I can wear my hair loose and it stays beautiful the whole day – long and curly. And of course, other people noticed my transformed and beautiful hair. LITERAM brought me my natural hair back. I was not even aware of how beautiful it can be.